Jun 27 2016

So Long and Thanks for all the Fish

Unfortunately after thinking long and hard, I’m going to probably shut down this website after quite a few years posting BDO news / results.

It’s been a good hobby, but time is really one of the few things we can’t get more of, and my other commitments are really leaving me with little time to make this site worth reading beyond the official BDO site.  I used to get more time to talk with players and officials to get inside news and interviews, but recently I’ve had little spare time to do that.  I’m still watching most of the darts on TV, including both BDO and PDC darts, and I still play now n then, but it’s probably time to finish trying to split myself into two with a day job which I need to put 100% into (including the magazine shop I’ve created and help run), also I help run a great DIY punk gig organiser (The Scary Clown presents…), plus help with a fantastic 21st century band (Wonk Unit), and also spare time goes into another love, beer and pubs.

I’ve already handed over some of the player sites I’ve created/been responsible for – others I’ll continue to do/host.

I’ll still be on twitter – I may change my ‘handle’ to something more personal or beer related tho  (update: [email protected]) :-)

So thanks to all who have either read what I’ve written, helped by contributing your own writing/thoughts, or just been a mate in the darts world.  I’m sure you’ll see me at events in future, I’m not stopping be a fan of darts, nor a friend of some in the game.  You won’t get rid of me that easily 😉

I’ll leave the site up for a bit, then possibly forward it onto the official bdodarts.com site until google stops sending it search traffic.

So cheers and good arrows!    Krispy.

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May 30 2016

Darryl Fitton is BDO World Trophy Men’s Champion

Day 3 – Monday 30th May 2016 – Finals Day

darryl fitton champion

Darryl Fitton champion (Pic BDO)

Men’s World Trophy – Quarter Finals

Darius Labanauskas (30.67) 7-8 (29.06) Darryl Fitton
Mark McGeeney 1-8 Jamie Hughes
Scott Waites 4-8 Peter Machin
15:45 Danny Noppert v Dean Reynolds

Women’s World Trophy – Semi-Finals

Lisa Ashton (25.10) 6-2 (23.72) Anastasia Dobromyslova
Rhian Griffiths (24.43) 1-6 (28.46) Deta Hedman

Men’s World Trophy – Semi-Finals

Darryl Fitton (29.86) 11-9 (29.32) Jamie Hughes
Peter Machin (28.83) 11-9 (30.05) Dean Reynolds

Women’s World Trophy – The Final
 Final:  Lisa Ashton 7-4 Deta Hedman

Men’s World Trophy – The Final
Darryl Fitton (29.28) 13-9 (27.06) Peter Machin


Lisa Ashton

Lisa Ashton, ladies champion (Pic BDO)

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May 29 2016

SportsDirect.com BDO World Trophy 2016 Day 2

Let’s hope the Dave TV coverage of the BDO World darts trophy is as good as day 1 – it’s a refreshing change to see and hear what can be done with the BDO darts if the broadcaster takes it seriously.  It just shows up how poor a job the BBC did, almost trying to make the players seem clowns, and not giving the world championships the respect it deserves.

Doing the interviews in front of a sponsors board also makes them look far more professional than the BBC doing them in the players bar – another 100% improvement from Dave on the BBC.

No Tony Green also helps – sorry but he’s just too far removed from the current darts scene to do a good job, and was making far too many mistakes.   Bringing my mate Chris Mason on board helps – he knows the players and has been there and done it – he talks a lot of sense.    Here’s for another great long day of darts – get on Dave (channel 194 for me on Virgin cable).

unday May 29
Round One (L = Ladies event)
Geert de Vos 6 (88.47) – Roger Janssen 4 (80.97)
Tony O’Shea 6 (83.25) – Richard Veenstra 4 (79.80)
Trina Gulliver 4 (65.79) Paula Jacklin 3 (66.18)
Danny Noppert 6 (89.79) Seigo Asada 3 (85.41)
Deta Hedman 3-0 Ann Louise Peters (L)
Dean Reynolds (85.29) 6-1 (74.79) David Cameron
Ladies Quarter-Final 1
Lisa Ashton (98.95) 5-1 (79.08) Corrine Hammond
Men’s Round Two
Glen Durrant 3-7 Darius Labanauskas
Martin Phillips 2-7 Darryl Fitton
Ladies Quarter-Final 2
Anastasia Dobromyslova 5-2 Aileen de Graaf
Men’s Round Two 
Nick Kenny 6-7 Mark McGeeney
Geert de Vos 6-7 Jamie Hughes
Ladies Quarter-Final 3
Rhian Griffiths 5-2 Lorraine Winstanley
Men’s Round Two 
Scott Waites 7-2 Brian Dawson
Tony O’Shea (28.29) 6-7 (29.18) Peter Machin
Ladies Quarter-Final 4
Trina Gulliver MBE (21.80) 1-5 (27.11) Deta Hedman
Men’s Round Two 
Scott Mitchell (31.68) 5-7 (29.89) Danny Noppert
Dean Reynolds (28.30) 7-5 (28.94) Martin Adams

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May 29 2016

SportsDirect.com BDO World Trophy 2016 Day 1

Well the coverage of the BDO World Trophy on Dave TV certainly beat expectations – well done to all involved!  With decent commentators, good camera-work, professional spotting/directing, and Lakeside lit in a way to make it look good, the coverage is way better than the BBC weak efforts in recent years.  There was a worry that Dave wouldn’t take it seriously, but they have put on a show close to the level Sky and ITV4 do for the PDC darts, lets hope they continue to do the darts for the BDO!

There’s another 10 hours+ of darts today (Sunday), I wonder how the fans in the venue felt after the 11 hours or so yesterday!

Day 1 – Saturday 28th May 2016

Glen Durrant (28.81) 6-2 (26.83) Andy Fordham
Darryl Fitton (30.90) 6-4 (28.53) Craig Caldwell
Brian Dawson (29.23) 6-3 (27.54) Jim Widmayer
Darius Labanauskas (29.35) 6-2 (26.12) Barry Lynn
Wesley Harms (28.54) 3-6 (28.13) Nick Kenny
Mark McGeeney (28.96) 6-2 (28.69) Jeff Smith
Jim Williams (29.02) 4-6 (31.44) Peter Machin
Jamie Hughes (30.66) 6-3 (28.21) Ryan Joyce
Scott Waites (29.54) 6-4 (28.73) Krzysztof Ratajski
Martin Phillips (27.31) 6-3 (27.20) Ted Hankey
Scott Mitchell (30.44) 6-5 (32.28) Ross Montgomery
Martin Adams (29.64) 6-1 (26.11) Madars Razma

Women’s World Trophy

Aileen de Graaf (25.77) 4-2 (24.16) Laura Turner
Corrine Hammond (23.08) 4-1 (21.95) Anca Zijlstra
Fallon Sherrock (27.21) 3-4 (26.25) Rhian Griffiths
Lorraine Winstanley (24.02) 4-2 (23.90) Zoe Jones
Anastasia Dobromyslova (24.16) 4-3 (23.19) Sharon Prins
Lisa Ashton (24.52) 4-1 (20.66) Casey Gallagher

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May 17 2016

BDO World Trophy 2016 Order of Play

As I’ve previously posted, the BDO World Trophy will be taking place at the world famous Lakeside venue 28th-30th May – so just a couple of weeks or so now, and it will be shown live on free to air TV channel Dave.

From what I know, Dave will show all the darts – every single hour, every dart thrown we hope.  The line-up features many of the big names, and the top 16 in form players within the BDO.

Tickets are still on sale here – the event needs the support of all darts fans to make it a success – and being at the historic Lakeside will make it special.

SATURDAY 28th MAY (12pm-10pm)

dave and bdoGlen Durrant v Andy Fordham
Darryl Fitton v Craig Caldwell
Aileen de Graaf v Laura Turner
Brian Dawson v Jim Widmayer
Darius Labanauskas v Barry Lynn
Corrine Hammond v Anca Zijlstra
Wesley Harms v Nick Kenny
Mark McGeeney v Jeff Smith
Fallon Sherrock v Rhian Griffiths
Jim Williams v Peter Machin
Jamie Hughes v Ryan Joyce
Lorraine Winstanley v Zoe Jones
Scott Waites v Krzysiek Ratajski
Anastasia Dobromyslova v Sharon Boxem-Prins
Martin Phillips v Ted Hankey
Lisa Ashton v Casey Gallagher
Scott Mitchell v Ross Montgomery
Martin Adams v Madars Razma

SUNDAY 29th MAY (12pm-10pm)

Geert De Vos v Roger Janssen
Richard Veenstra v Tony Oshea
Trina Gulliver v Paula Jacklin
Danny Noppert v Seigo Asada
Deta Hedman v Ann Louise Peters
Dean Reynolds v David Cameron
4 x ladies quarter finals

8 x mens second round

MONDAY 30th MAY (12pm-10pm)

4 x mens quarter finals
2 x ladies semi finals
2 x mens semi finals
ladies final
mens final

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May 17 2016

Welsh Open Results

2016 welsh open champions

The Welsh Open Men’s and Women’s Champions – Scott Mitchell and Deta Hedman.

Stage Finals

Girls Youth Final
Tamzin Parr (Wales) 0-3 Beau Greaves (England)

Boys Youth Final
Cavan Phillips (Wales) 3-0 Jack Vincent (England)

Women’s Semi-Finals
Sharon Prins (Netherlands) 4-2 Aileen de Graaf (Netherlands)
Lorraine Winstanley (England) 1-4 Deta Hedman (England)

Men’s Semi-Finals
Glen Durrant (England) 5-4 Dave Parletti (England)
Scott Waites (England) 2-5 Scott Mitchell (England)

Women’s Final
Sharon Prins (Netherlands) 4-5 Deta Hedman (England)

Men’s Final
Glen Durrant (England) 5-6 Scott Mitchell (England)


Results from all 4 days of the event are listed below:

Thursday – Money-In, Money Out: Men’s Results; Women’s Results.
Friday – Pontin’s Men’s Open Pairs Results; Pontin’s Women’s Open Pairs Results.
Saturday – Pontin’s Mixed Pairs Results; Red Dragon Boys Singles Results; Red Dragon Girls Singles Results.
Sunday – Red Dragon Open Singles: Men’s SIngles Results; Women’s Singles Results.

welsh open youth champions

The Welsh Open Youth Champions – Beau Greaves and Cavan (Crash) Phillips.

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May 04 2016

BDO World Trophy To be Shown on Dave TV

After the recent announcement that the World Trophy has been moved to the Lakeside venue, TV has now been announced in an article in the Guardian newspaper (nothing on the official BDO website as it stands at time of writing).  This puts to bed WEEKS of speculation on darts forums and social media, which at times has turned quite nasty.  It’s a little understandable after the first two “newera” events got cancelled with little explanation from the BDO, but it seems they’ve been keeping very quiet while negotiating this event!   You can get tickets for this tournament at Lakeside here, just £10 a pop!

dave and bdoMale-focused channel Dave has made its second move into live TV sports, striking a deal with Frank Warren to air the British Darts Organisation’s World Trophy event.

Under the deal, UKTV, jointly owned by US pay-TV broadcaster Scripps and BBC Worldwide, will air ten hours of live coverage running from 12pm to 10pm each day of the event. The World Trophy, which has £150,000 in prize money on offer, runs for three days from 28-30 May.

“Though I have worked predominantly in boxing for nearly 40 years, I have also promoted and been involved in various other sports and entertainment ventures throughout my career,” said Warren. “I am delighted to have been part of setting this event up and securing the BDO one of the UK’s leading broadcasters for the event.”

The BDO World Trophy event was set up in 2014 and the first two tournaments were broadcast by pay-TV channel Eurosport, which is owned by Discovery. The World Trophy event is separate from the BDO World Darts Championship, which has been broadcast exclusively on BT Sport since the BBC decided to axe coverage of the event after 28 years.

UKTV-owned Dave, which uses the strapline “the home of witty banter”, airs shows including reruns of 8 Out of 10 Cats, Top Gear, Mock the Week and QI, while it also features US programmes such as Storage Hunters and Lizard Lick Towing. In the past it has aired non-exclusive coverage of World Cup football and Six Nations rugby. Dave also has the exclusive rights to Red Bull’s extreme sports programming such as Red Bull Soap Box Race, Cliff Diving and X-Fighters.

“We are constantly looking for new opportunities and show ideas for Dave to keep our audiences entertained,” said Steve North, general manager of Dave at UKTV. “After the incredible experience we had with the David Haye fight at the start of the year we are delighted to be delving further into the sporting world by partnering with the BDO in what is a fantastic opportunity to offer fans extended live coverage of the BDO World Trophy.”

Original story in the Guardian website here.

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May 02 2016

BDO World Darts Trophy Details Finally Detailed

the-world-darts-trophy Well after two failed attempts to start the #newera for the BDO, they have finally got the 3rd tournament on track to go ahead, after a late venue change from Manchester to the Lakeside in Surrey.

The BDO and their team up with “Deluxe” has come in for huge criticism, and it appears that relationship has ended now, after a ton of speculation.  The BDO really needs to get its act together now and show players and fans things aren’t terminal.

There’s less than four weeks now to buy tickets – but at least they appear good value; £10 plus booking fees, and no silly “all you can drink and a free hotdog” which was all part of the Deluxe failed plan.

If you did buy tickets for the event originally billed as in Manchester, I believe Eventim have been refunding that ticket money, and I hope no-one had already paid for non-transferable train tickets or hotels.

The prize fund for this event is £100,000 and there is a £50,000 bonus for a televised 9-dart-leg.


Tickets can be bought herehttps://uk.patronbase.com/_LakesideCountryClub/Productions/BDWT/Performances – the main Lakeside website wasn’t updated with any details at the time of writing, probably due to it being a bank holiday weekend.

The BDO have been informed that tickets can also be purchased by phone on +44 (0)1252 836464 ext 1, Monday to Friday: 9 am to 5:30 pm; Saturdays: 10 am to 3 pm; Sundays: closed.

BDO World Trophy 2016

The British Darts Organisation are delighted to announce the line-up for the 2016
BDO World Trophy. 32 men and 16 women head to Surrey to compete for the
£100,000 prize pot, with this year’s event taking place at Lakeside Country Club,
Wharf Road, Frimley Green, Surrey from Saturday 28th to Monday 30th May.
The top 16 players in the men’s BDO world rankings automatically qualify, with the
reigning Winmau World Masters champion ‘Duzza’ Glen Durrant heading our list of
seeds. His rivals for the title will no doubt include the 2-time reigning Lakeside World
Champion ‘Scotty 2 Hotty’ Scott Waites (seeded 3) and the defending BDO World
Trophy champion, Belgium’s ‘Foxy’ Geert de Vos (seeded 13).

There are plenty more familiar faces heading to Lakeside, including the legendary 3-
time Lakeside World Champion ‘Wolfie’ Martin Adams (seeded 2) and the 2015 BDO
World Champion ‘Scotty Dog’ Scott Mitchell (seeded 7). Also seeded are former
WDF World Cup Singles champion ‘Sparky’ Wesley Harms, the 2015 Winmau World
Masters champion Martin Phillips and a man who would love to register a third
televised nine-dart finish for a £50,000 bonus, Manchester’s own ‘Dazzler’ Darryl

There is also plenty of fresh BDO talent within the list of seeds, such as reigning
WDF World Cup Singles champion Jim Williams and the recent Lakeside semifinalists
‘Yozza’ Jamie Hughes and ‘Flyers’ Richard Veenstra. Last year’s BDO World
Trophy semi-finalist ‘Gladiator’ Mark McGeeney returns to Lakeside, as does
Lithuania’s recent HAL Open champion ‘Lucky D’ Darius Labanauskas. 2016
Scottish Open and German Open champion Danny Noppert of the Netherlands will
be making his debut, as will Yorkshire’s BDO Gold Cup champion Brian ‘Doggy’
Dawson and 23-year-old Welshman Dean Reynolds.

1 – Glen Durrant (England)
2 – Martin Adams (England)
3 – Scott Waites (England)
4 – Jamie Hughes (England)
5 – Wesley Harms (Ned)
6 – Jim Williams (Wales)
7 – Scott Mitchell (England)
8 – Darryl Fitton (England)
9 – Martin Phillips (Wales)
10 – Danny Noppert (Netherlands)
11 – Richard Veenstra (Netherlands)
12 – Mark McGeeney (England)
13 – Geert de Vos (Belgium)
14 – Brian Dawson (England)
15 – Dean Reynolds (Wales)
16 – Darius Labanauskas (Lithuania)

The men’s field is complimented by 9 regional qualifiers from around the globe.
Japan’s Seigo Asada won his place via the Asian playoff, whereas the reigning
Pacific Masters champion Peter Machin has been selected to compete at Lakeside
by Darts Australia. Invitations have also been issued to the leading player in each of
the seven BDO regional rankings tables, including the 3-time Lakeside World
Championship finalist ‘Silverback’ Tony O’Shea.

In addition, three wildcards have been selected. The 2016 Lakeside World
Championship finalist and last year’s World Trophy semi-finalist ‘the Silencer’ Jeff
Smith returns from Canada. He is joined by two of the game’s biggest characters,
twice BDO World Champion ‘the Count’ Ted Hankey and the 2004 Lakeside World
Champion ‘the Viking’ Andy Fordham.

Asia – Seigo Asada (Japan)
Australia – Peter Machin
Baltic & Scandinavia – Madars Razma (Latvia)
British Isles – Tony O’Shea (England)
Canada – David Cameron
Eastern Europe – Krzysztof Ratajski (Poland)
New Zealand – Craig Caldwell
USA – Jim Widmayer
Western Europe – Roger Janssen (Belgium)
Wildcard – Andy Fordham (England)
Wildcard – Ted Hankey (England)
Wildcard – Jeff Smith (Canada)

The women’s competition sees the return of ‘the Lancashire Rose’ Lisa Ashton and
‘from Russia with Love’ Anastasia Dobromyslova, who have contested the previous
two BDO World Trophy finals. Twice Lakeside World Champion Ashton comes in as
the number 1 seed as she looks to defend her title, whilst 2014 winner and 3-time
World Champion Dobromyslova is seeded 5.

The 10-time reigning Lakeside World Champion ‘the Golden Girl’ Trina Gulliver MBE
and the current Winmau World Masters champion from the Netherlands, Aileen de
Graaf will no doubt be looking to add the BDO World Trophy to their collection. They
are sure to be challenged by two former Lakeside finalists, British Open champion
‘the Dark Destroyer’ Deta Hedman (seeded 2) and the British Classic champion
Fallon Sherrock (seeded 3). The top 8 seeding list is completed by reigning Scottish
Open champion Lorraine Winstanley and the Australian Masters champion Corrine

1 – Lisa Ashton (England)
2 – Deta Hedman (England)
3 – Fallon Sherrock (England)
4 – Aileen de Graaf (Netherlands)
5 – Anastasia Dobromyslova (Russia)
6 – Lorraine Winstanley (England)
7 – Trina Gulliver MBE (England)
8 – Corrine Hammond (Australia)

The ladies ranked 9 to 12 in the world also qualify automatically and they will be
accompanied by two wildcard selections, BDO world number 13, Paula Jacklin and
the twice Lakeside World Championship semi-finalist ‘the Danish Diamond’ Ann
Louise Peters.

9 – Anca Zijlstra (Netherlands)
10 – Casey Gallagher (England)
11 – Sharon Prins (Netherlands)
12 – Zoe Jones (England)
Wildcard – Paula Jacklin (England)
Wildcard – Ann Louise Peters (Denmark)

With 14 nations already sure to be represented, the tournament field will be finalised
on Saturday 7th May at the Wolverhampton Sports Arena, where a further 4 Men
and 2 Women will qualify through the BDO World Trophy play-offs.

Prize Funds

Men  /  Ladies
Winner £20,000.00 / Winner £4,000.00
R/Up £10,000.00 / R/UP £2,000.00
Jnt 3rd £ 5,000.00 / Jnt 3rd £1,500.00
Jnt 5th £ 2,500.00 / Jnt 5th £1,250.00
Jnt 9th £ 1,500.00 / Jnt 9th £1,000.00
Jnt 17th £ 1,000.00

Nine Dart Check-Out £50,000.00

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Feb 21 2016

Let’s Play Darts for Sport Relief returns

If you didn’t see last year’s darts effort for comic relief, you missed out on some good fun entertainment.  The show is back tonight, proving it was a success – with a new set of celebrities joining BDO names.

Jon Richardson

Jon Richardson not looking awkward at all .. much :-)

Hosted by Gabby Logan, the event will see some of the biggest names in the world of darts join forces with the raw recruits to see who can take the pressure up on the oche.

Each celebrity will adopt their own darts persona, complete with nickname, costume, props and the all-important walk on music to compete for the coveted title, which was won last year by Lee Mack and Martin ‘Wolfie’ Adams.

They will partner with star players from the British Darts Organisation including Martin ‘Wolfie’ Adams, Glen ‘Duzza’ Durrant, Scott ‘Scotty Dog’ Mitchell, Deta ‘The Dark Destroyer’ Hedman, Bobby ‘King of Darts’ George, Anastasia ‘From Russia With Love’ Dobromyslova, Darryl ‘The Dazzler’ Fitton and Andy ‘The Viking’ Fordham.

It COULD be the last year they use BDO players though – with all the uncertainty about BDO events getting any TV coverage (Lakeside has been dropped by the BDO), and the PDC now joining forces with the BBC – so if this event happens again, I’d assume the BBC will look to the PDC for its players.

Anyway, BBC 2 at 9pm (Sunday 21st Feb) for the start of the fun.  This year’s celebs includes:

Tim Vine – who showed he was a great darts player last year.

Nickname: ‘The Punaway Train’
Walk-on music: Mystery Train – Elvis Presley

Robbie Savage

Nickname: ‘The Treble Maker’
Walk-on music: Notorious – Duran Duran

Mike Tindall

Nickname: ‘The Titan’
Walk-on music: Boom! Shake the Room – DJ Jazzy Jeff & The Fresh Prince

Katherine Ryan

Nickname: ‘Moose Knuckles’
Walk-on music: Salute – Little Mix

Greg Davies

Nickname: ‘The Abominable Throwman’
Walk-on music: Cold As Ice – Foreigner

Jon Richardson

Nickname: ‘The Lancashire Hot Shot’
Walk-on music: Big Bad John – Jimmy Dean

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Feb 09 2016

BBC Confirms it is to Drop Lakeside, and Strikes Deal with PDC

The BDO is once again rocked by bad news, hot on the heels of the “5th Major” cancellation embarrasment.  As it stands the BDO have NO TV for any of their future tournaments, and what tournaments will actually happen in 2016 is still at question.  Is it the end for the organisation as it stands?  

It turns out not only are the BBC not extending the contract to show the Lakeside world championships, but also to add to the blow they have signed a deal with Barry Hearn and the PDC to bring the professional darts code to their screens.

BBC:  http://www.bbc.co.uk/sport/darts/35532372

The decision to broadcast the new event means the BBC will cease to cover the BDO World Championship.

The press release from the PDC regarding the BRAND NEW EVENT:

THE Professional Darts Corporation will break new ground once again in 2016 by staging its first tournament live on BBC Sport following an exciting new deal to introduce the Champions League of Darts to the circuit in September.

The eight-player tournament will be held on September 24-25 at the Motorpoint Arena in Cardiff to kick off a new era for the sport on terrestrial television.  Featuring the leading eight players from the PDC Order of Merit following July’s BetVictor World Matchplay, the Champions League of Darts will see the stars split into two groups of four players.

Following the round-robin phase, the top two players from each group will then progress to the knockout semi-finals and final, with a huge £100,000 first prize on offer for the eventual champion.

“The BBC has a long history of broadcasting darts but this will be the start of an exciting new era,” said PDC Chairman Barry Hearn.

“The Champions League of Darts will bring the very best players in world darts – the top eight from the PDC Order of Merit – to BBC screens for an exciting, quick-fire tournament.

“In addition, it’s fantastic for us to be taking the Champions League of Darts to Cardiff. Welsh fans love their darts and this will be another great opportunity for them to see the sport’s biggest names live.

“Both live crowds and TV audiences have continued to soar for PDC tournaments in the last year, and it’s a great reflection for us that the BBC were keen to add the Champions League of Darts to their sporting portfolio.”

Barbara Slater, Director BBC Sport says: “We are very pleased to be showing the inaugural Champions League of Darts on the BBC for what is promised to be a thrilling and innovative tournament.

“Darts has always had wide appeal and it is great that audiences will get the chance to see all the action from the world’s top players live on BBC Two and across our platforms.“

Further details about ticketing for the Champions League of Darts will be announced at www.pdc.tv/tickets in due course.

* The Players Championship treble-header at the Barnsley Metrodome which was originally scheduled for September 23-25 will now be played from September 21-23

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