Feb 05 2016

BDO Press Release – Players Championship

As I suggested before any official news release, the BDO have now confirmed their 5th Major is cancelled.  And that they tried to get TV, but it wasn’t happening.  Interestingly DeLuxe events are still hinting it’s only being ‘postponed’ – but will the players (and us fans) really believe that, and buy tickets again?!  The best thing I’ve seen is that Shownights, who sold some of the tickets for the event, immediately refunded the ticket money, and actually were first to break the news.

Press Release Starts —

It is with deep regret that the BDO has to announce the cancellation of the Old Billingsgate event due to take place on 26 – 28th February 2016.

It has been confirmed that anyone who has purchased tickets to the event will be reimbursed by PayPal and Ticket Master by clicking a button on their sites.

TV discussions have been on going but have not reached a conclusion in time for this event to take place.

I can also confirm that any player that has paid for flights will be reimbursed in full on production of their receipts. This situation is beyond our control and is not a postion that we wanted to find ourselves in but unfortunately there was no other solution available at this late stage.

Sue Williams

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Jan 29 2016

BDO Players Championships Tournament CANCELLED

Looks a great space to have darts

Looks a great space to have darts

WELL I BETTER PUT THIS AT THE TOP:   This event (and possibly all the #newera events?) has been cancelled.

The signs were not good, with MANY people dubious about the claims being made by DeLuxe events about sponsorship / TV /Streaming, none of which seemed to be happening.  The event has been cancelled just 3 weeks before it was due to happen – hopefully the tickets will begin to be refunded now.

Where does it leave the BDO?   It’s a complete farce to be honest.  This new event was to be the start of a ‘new era’ of BDO tournaments we were told.  Players were promised new TV events and big money to pursade them to stay in the BDO – all those promises now appear to be hollow.  I know some players are furious – this could be the end for the current BDO board, if not the entire organisation as it currently stands.

The tickets themselves seemed too good to be true – £29 including free bar all day (9 hours on a Saturday).  How on earth was DeLuxe ever going ot make any money?  Turns out it probably wasn’t, and was dreamed up by a complete fantasist.

Why did the BDO board believe someone with little/no track record, with a company already in debt, with their latest project, especially after the previous 3rd party, BDO Events, failed and dropped out of the position.

Time for the BDO to look at getting professional help in to run itself? 

In a months time, the new ‘unofficial’ 5th BDO major will begin, and it’s in a pretty impressive venue, the old Billingsgate fish market building, now a venue with multiple impressive halls.  The event has been organised by a ‘new’ third party, catering partner DeLuxe SE, after it seems the short lived ‘bdo events’ company gave up the ghost.  It seems the BDO are preferring to use 3rd party companies to take on the organisation of the tournaments now, maybe a move to bring new money into the game.

There is also some confusion, as Shownights sold the early tickets, and I thought they may be also promoting the event.  I’ve been told not… so it’s pretty much DeLuxe doing all the work.

The BDO Players Championship will take place over the weekend of 25-28th February, with tickets available to the public for the Fri/Sat/Sunday days.  They look like long full sessions – and the announcements and organisers say ‘free bar’, although ticketmaster say ’10 free drinks tokens’ on the standard tickets, with ‘drinks included’ in the VIP.    I think 10 tokens makes far more sense than ‘unlimited free bar’ – esp when you think these are long days!   The organisers on twitter have kept to the ‘totally free bar all day and night’ line, if that changes I’ll updated.  The blurb also says VIP tickets (£59 + £2 booking fee) get free food all day, free bar all day, meet n greet with players, free £10 bet, plus other bits n bobs.   If all this comes off I’m not sure how they are running this tournament at anything other than a loss – but good luck to them!  I’m going along on the Saturday – thought I’d treat myself to the VIP area – so I’ll be able to report on how it goes and how it’s run.

The Event will include the Top 20 players in the World plus 4 Wildcards and carries full ranking points and comes under the special events tables.  The weekend will also have Ladies, Disabled and Youth tournaments.

Sue Williams said, “This is the first event of our new 2016 calendar and what a top class venue to launch with”.

Deluxe Sporting events are on twitter; https://twitter.com/DeLuxeSE, and are heavily promoting the event there.  Little is really known about the company – they’ve certainly taken on a big job – and there have been some queries as to;

  • Is it on TV? (this was promised to the players orginally, but it turns out, no, this will NOT be on TV (as per DeLuxe’s own twitter account)
  • Where is the money coming from?  Originally sponsors were mentioned, but there has been no sponsors announced, and at only 3 or so weeks left to go, you’d expect sponsors to want their names out there by now?
  • Is the final line-up confirmed?   Not that I’m aware.  I know that ‘Little’ Richard, the BDO MC will be there, as he told me as much.


Venue:  Old Billingsgate – website here.

Standard tickets:
£29.00 per day or £75.00 3 days (Fri-Sun)
Table Seat
Free ALL day Bar (I believe this is ten pint tokens, not unlimited)
£10 FREE bet with Betting Sponsor
Free De:Luxe Goody Bag
Free Ticket to Festival of Darts (March2016)


VIP tickets:
£59.00 per day or £150.00 3 days (Fri-Sun)
Access to VIP Balcony
Meet & Greet with BDO Players
Photo Opportunity
Free ALL day Bar
Free ALL day Food
Free VIP De:Luxe Goody Bag
Free Event Brochure
£10 FREE bet with Betting Sponsor
Free VIP ticket to Festival of darts (Mar2016)
Only 100 packages available at this Price!


BDO Top 20 and 4 Wildcards (TBC)
Group A
Glen Durrant – Dean Reynolds – Ted Hankey (W/C)

Group B
Geert de Vos – Martin Phillips – Jeff Smith (W/C)

Group C
Jamie Hughes – Gary Robson – Dennis Harbour

Group D
Darryl Fitton – Scott Mitchell – Martin Atkins

Group E
Wesley Harms – Richard Veenstra – Andy Fordham (W/C)

Group F
Scott Waites – Pip Blackwell – Madars Razma

Group G
Jim Williams – Mark McGeeney – Tony O’Shea (W/C)

Group H
Martin Adams – Brian Dawson – Willem Mandigers

Ladies Top 8 & 4 Wild Cards
Group A
Lisa Ashton – Anca Zijlstra (W/C) – Zoe Jones

Group B
Fallon Sherrock – Corrine Hammond (W/C) – Anastasia Dobromyslova

Group C
Aileen de Graaf – Ann Louise Peters (W/C) – Lorraine Winstanley

Group D
Deta Hedman – Paula Jacklin (W/C) – Trina Gulliver

Youth TBA


Men Best of 9 legs Group Stage
Ladies Best of 7 legs Group Stage
Mens QFs/SFs Best of 5 Sets
Ladies SFs and Final Best of 3 Sets
Mens Final Best of 7 Sets

Youth Best of 7 Legs
WDDA Best of 5 Legs


Friday 14:00 – 1800
Group Matches Men & Ladies

Saturday 12:00 – 2100
Group Matches Men & Ladies

Sunday 12:00 – 21:00
WDDA Final
Youth Final
Mens’ QFs
Ladies SFs
Mens SFs
Ladies Final
Mens Final

Prize Money

Winner £10,000
R/U £5,000
Jt 3rd £2,500
Jt 5th £1,250
2nd in Group £750
3rd in Group £500

Winner £5,000
R/U £2,500
Jt 3rd £1,250
2nd in Group £750
3rd in Group £500

Total Prize Fund £50,00

– See more at: http://www.shownights.com/events/the-bdo-players-championship-25th-28th-february-2016/f


bdo players champs billingsgate

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Jan 10 2016

2016 Lakeside World Final

About 1,500 people will be crammed inside Lakeside for Sunday’s final between ninth seed Waites and unseeded Smith.

Sunday, 10 January – THE FINAL

Time: From 17:30 GMT
Coverage: Watch live on BBC TV, online, mobiles, tablets and BBC Sport app, plus live text commentary on BBC Sport website.  Also live on BT Sport.

Scott Waites 7-1 Jeff Smith


Final head-to-head
Scott Waites Jeff Smith
Age 38 40
Nickname Scotty 2 Hotty The Silencer
Lives Huddersfield, England New Brunswick, Canada
Seeding 9 Unseeded
Lakeside appearances 9 2
Previous best Winner 2013 Semi-final 2015
Tournament sets won/lost 18/8 21/8
Smiths vs Waites

Smiths vs Waites the Lakeside final

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Jan 09 2016

Lakeside 2016 Semi Finals Day

Well we are really down to the sharp end of this year’s Lakeside, with the two men;s semi-finals and the ladies final to watch.

A bit of a shock yesterday when Veenstra knocked out reigning champ Scott Mitchell.  Could Jeff Smith make the final.. and maybe even be crowned world champion?  It’s possible, the Canadian has been one of the most consistently best players of the tournament.  Scott Waites will be looking to regain the title – he’ll feel a little luck to have made the semi-final, after having to come back in some games he looked certain to lose.

Saturday 9 January

Afternoon session

Men’s semi-final
Scott Waites (30.70) 6-1 (27.45) Jamie Hughes

Ladies final
Trina Gulliver MBE (24.31) 3-2 (25.17) Deta Hedman

Evening session

Men’s semi-final
Jeff Smith (30.50) 6-5 (29.79) Richard Veenstra

jeff smith

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Jan 08 2016

2016 Lakeside Day 7

Friday 8th Jan 2016

1pm  Session – Men’s Quarter Final’s

Wesley Harms (30.43) 15 (31.37) Jamie Hughes
Glen Durrant 4-5 Scott Waites


17.30 Season
Ladies Semi-Final

Deta Hedman 2-0 Ann-Louise Peters

Men’s Quarter Final

Jeff Smith (29.92) 5-2 (31.59) Dennis Harbour

Ladies Semi-Final

Trina Gulliver MBE (26.67) 2-1 (24.98) Aileen de Graaf

Men’s Quarter Final

Scott Mitchell (30.07) 3-5 (29.22) Richard Veenstra


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Jan 07 2016

2016 Lakeside Day 6

No time to write much today – but just would want to wish Josh Richardson luck in his final today – I’ve known him a few years now, since I met him with his dad, the “Barney slayer”, James Richardson.

Thursday 7th January

1pm Session
Trina Gulliver MBE (22.90) 2-1 (22.73) Lisa Ashton
Mark McGeeney (30.30) 3-4 (30.21) Scott Mitchell
Ann-Louise Peters (24.90) 2-1 (23.76) Zoe Jones
Joshua Richardson (25.03) 3-2 (23.21) Jordan Boyce

6pm Session
Aileen de Graaf (25.13) 2-1 (22.36) Anca Zijlstra
Martin Atkins 0-4 Richard Veenstra
Lorraine Winstanley 0-2 Deta Hedman
Scott Waites 4-3 De Vos

What an amazing comeback from Waites, who was looking certain to go out 3-0 down!  He suddenly turned the game around to take the next four sets, amazing!

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Jan 06 2016

2016 Lakeside Day 5

Some decent match-ups today – all eyes will be in tournament favourite Glen Durrant, who I expect to beat American veteran Butler.  I’ll be cheering Lorraine Winstanley on, a friend of mine – as she looks to go all the way this year.

I’ve got personal interest in the first game of the evening too, as Dennis Harbour lives and plays in my hometown of Peterborough – my Stilton team have played many times at the Post Office club he plays for.  I’ve also met and spoken with Jeff Smith once or twice, when we played on the PDC proTour a few years ago.  Jeff’s already had a great win, and his confidence will be high.

Unfortunately I won’t be able to update this evening’s session results, as I’m playing darts myself, but I’ll try and keep this afternoons scores updated.

Wednesday 6th January

1pm Session – BBC
Larry Butler 0-4 Glen Durrant
Lorraine Winstanley 2
-0 Rachel Brooks
Jim Williams 3-4 Wesley Harms

6pm Session – BT Sport

Dennis Harbour (29.17) 4-1 (27.96) Martin Phillips
Jamie Hughes (27.64) 4-1 (26.61) Madars Razma
Brian Dawson (27.74) 1-4 (30.61) Jeff Smith

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Jan 05 2016

2016 Lakeside Day 5 & 6 Schedule

Here’s the schedule for the following two days play at Lakeside.  The players themselves have only found out today when they were playing, so I pity them a bit; hard to organise friends, family and yourself when you don’t know if you’re playing tomorrow!

Wednesday 6th January

1pm Session
Larry Butler v Glen Durrant
Lorraine Winstanley v Rachel Brooks
Jim Williams v Wesley Harms

6pm Session
Dennis Harbour v Martin Phillips
Jamie Hughes v Robson / Razma
Dawson / Walton v Jeff Smith

Thursday 7th January

1pm Session
Joshua Richardson v Jordan Boyce
Ann-Louise Peters v Jones/Osborne
Mark McGeeney v Scott Mitchell
Trina Gulliver MBE v Lisa Ashton

6pm Session
Aileen De Graaf v Anca Zilistra
Martin Atkins v Richard Veenstra
Winstanley/Brooks v Deta Headman
Scott Waites v De Vos/Pantelidis

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Jan 05 2016

2016 Lakeside Day 4

It has to be said, the last two games last night were very poor – for some reason the players really couldn’t seem to settle, and Ted Hankey in particular really disappointed, with a mid 60’s average.  Hopefully today will see things improve again!

Tuesday, 5 January, Lakeside Darts

Afternoon Session – BBC

Martin Adams (Eng) 0-3 Jeff Smith (Can)
Mark McGeeney (Eng) 3-0 Peter Sajwani (Swe)
Deta Hedman (Eng) 2-0 Corrine Hammond (Aus)
Gary Robson (Eng) 1-3 Madars Razma (Lat)

Evening Session – BT Sport

Geert de Vos (Bel) 3-1 Kostas Pantelidis (Gre)
Zoe Jones (Eng) 2-1 Tina Osborne (NZ)
Wesley Harms (Ned) 3-2 Seigo Asada (Jpn)
Brian Dawson (Eng) 3-2 John Walton (Eng)

Time for Wolfie to shine today...

Wolfie is shown the door by Canadian Jeff Smith, who beats him 3-0


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Jan 04 2016

2016 Lakeside Day 3

Unfortunately most of us are back at work today, so will miss the afternoon sessions of darts – but for those of you lucky enough to be there at Lakeside, have a great afternoon!  Once again it’s a two session day, with BBC picking up the afternoon action, and BT Sport picking up the baton in the evening.

Monday 4 January

Rob Modra 0-3 John Walton
Jeffrey De Graaf 2-3 Richard Veenstra
Pip Blackwell 0-3 Martin Atkins

TV Schedule
BBC 2 13.00 – 16.15

Ryan De Vreede 2-3 Larry Butler
Aileen De Graaf 2-1 Casey Gallagher
Jamie Hughes 3-0 Ross Montgomery
Martin Phillips 3-0 Ted Hankey

TV Schedule
BT Sport 18.00 – 22.00

ted hankey at lakeside

Ted Hankey is back at lakeside!

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