Feb 21 2015

TV Coverage at The World Darts Trophy

BDO Events, the commercial partner of the British Darts Organisation, is delighted to announce that it has signed British Eurosport to broadcast live and exclusive coverage of all four days of the tournament at EventCity, Manchester from February 26 to March 1.

eurosport logoStephen Holland, BDO Events managing director, said: “Working with British Eurosport is fantastic news for us, the players and all the fans. The live coverage will contribute hugely to the success of the tournament and is testimony to how the competition is now recognised by the darts world.”

Sue Williams chair of the BDO, added: “We are delighted to once again be associated with BDO Events and Eurosport as it gives our players the TV platform to promote their ability.”

The men’s competition is headed by the newly crowned Lakeside Champion Scott Mitchell ‘Scotty Dog’ and his opponent from the epic final, the three-times former BDO World Champion and recent Dutch Open Darts Champion ‘Wolfie’ Martin Adams.

‘The Count’ Ted Hankey, this year’s wild card and a real crowd puller, is making a welcome return to the BDO big stage where he takes on 2013 Lakeside World Champion ‘Scotty 2 Hotty’ Scott Waites, who has to date won 19 BDO ranking titles.

Hankey is one of the most colourful characters in darts and is hoping the World Darts Trophy will kick-start his game which has brought him so much success over the last decade.

The first men’s player to the oche is ‘Silverback’ Tony O’Shea who, together with ‘The Dazzler’ Darryl Fitton, will be competing on home turf and are sure to entertain the Manchester crowd.

Pick of the ladies matches sees Deta Hedman ‘The Dark Destroyer’ winner of nine BDO World Ranking Tournaments in 2014 against her rival Trina Gulliver MBE The Golden Girl’, the nine times world champion.

Tickets for the World Darts Trophy range in price from £16 for a standard single day pass to £89 for a premier single four-day pass.

For tickets visit www.ticketline.co.uk, www.bdoevents.com or call 0844 888 9991.

• The 2015 World Darts Trophy at EventCity is the second. The first was held at Blackpool Tower in February 2014.

• The trophy features 39 players from the Lakeside World Professional Darts Championship 2015.

• Seven world champions will be competing along with nine other winners of major titles.

• The current holders of over 80 BDO ranking titles combined are taking part in the trophy.

• Seven of the eight Lakeside 2015 semi finalists will take to the stage.

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Jan 11 2015

Lakeside Men’s World Final 2015

What an amazing day at Lakeside we had yesterday! Our plan for the first game was for Scott Mitchell to narrowly beat Jeff Smith, collect on the +2.5 legs start for Jeff and my “neighbour” from down the road gets into the final! Well that was my plan but not Scotty’s!


He demolished Jeff 6:0. I was chatting to a friend of Jeff’s last night at Lakeside and Jeff has admitted that the pace of the game affected him and he didn’t have the know how to cope with it. The Silencer would have preferred to play at the pace of the Durrant/Adams game! But, you need to be adaptable if you are going to be a Champion.

Lisa Ashton won a great game v Fallon Sherrock. What a brilliant advert for the Ladies game! I bumped into Lisa after the match and got this pic of her! If you look carefully at the wall of fame Jim Bowen is at the bottom left, we like a bit of bully!Lakeside Lisa Trophy

Then we had Martin Adams v Glen Durrant! It is such a shame the BBC don’t want the full coverage of the Lakeside anymore. I felt for anyone that didn’t have access to BT Sport and the BBC need to know how many disappointed viewers there are out there. Go on, get in touch with them. On the other side of the hill BT Sport have seen the potential and they have put on a good show and perhaps will encourage other broadcasters to get involved.

Wolfie came within a whisker of hitting a 9 darter too, wiring the double 12. You can watch the video here!

The Final

Scott Mitchell 7-6 Martin Adams

“This is everything your dreams are made of, I just can’t believe it.” – Scott after the final

Scotty is 2nd in the averages table for all matches with 94.24. His highest checkout so far has been 142.

Wolfie is 4th in the averages table with a 92.71.He has hit 14 180’s and his highest checkout is 121.

DPC Shop Banner

The bookies say it is going to be a close call and they are right. Mind you most of us thought that about the Mitchell/Smith game. I will sit on the fence on this one as I am impartial. Go on Scotty :)


We will sit back and relax and watch the game and have Over 17.8 180’s at 4/5 for a bit of interest. Wolfie hit 15 on his tod yesterday and Scottie 7. This should be a long game so there is plenty of time to hit 18!

Wolfie vs Scotty

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Jan 10 2015

Lakeside – Day 8 Preview & Results

Time flies when you are having fun! It’s semi-final Saturday and Ladies Final day already. I have had a great time helping out behind the scenes and enjoyed every minute of Lakeside 2015! The darts have been fantastic too and we have 3 more potentially brilliant games today! Our double tip came in with ease yesterday! Jeff Smith beating Kong 5:1 and Durrant winning 5:2.82-649-PracticeBookbannerad

Scotty warming up

Scotty puts his success down to his prep, wired for sound and err lucky pants apparently!

Live on BBC from 2.30pm

Jeff Smith 0-6 Scott Mitchell 

Stat News (These are the tournament averages for each player)

Smith 90.12  180’s 4  Mitchell 94.24  180’s 13

This should be a cracker. They were both superb yesterday but the highlight was Scotty’s finishing, especially on the bull! It’s first to 6 now which will suit both players. Scotty is ahead on the averages but personally I can’t split them.

Lisa Ashton 3-1 Fallon Sherrock

Ashton 85.45 3 180’s  Sherrock 78.45 180’s 7

We always say to take the averages with a pinch of salt but these two are ranked one and two in the Lakeside 2015 tables. Lisa has been brilliant all week and Fallon has shown great maturity on her first visit to Lakeside. I must admit I thought Anastasia would have too much for her yesterday but she proved me wrong.

But! I think Lisa will regain her crown but the way Fallon is playing the 2/5 for Ashton to win is too risky for me!


DPC Shop Banner

Glen Durrant 5-6 Martin Adams 

Durrant 96.52 180’s 16 v Adams 92.71 180’s 14

This is going to be a very high quality game. Duzza, is a man on a mission, he’s got the entire population of the North East behind him and looks unstoppable! But Adams isn’t a former World Champion for nothing and has looked back to his best this week!

UPDATE:  The game turns into one of the best ever played on the Lakeside stage, an absolute classic!

Wolfie beats Duzza semi finals

Wolfie beats Duzza semi finals – the stats


Let’s repeat the trick from yesterday: Durrant 11/10 Smith +2.5 sets 8/15

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Jan 09 2015

Lakeside Day 7

The World Youth Final was played yesterday! Colin  Roelofs  beat Harry Ward 3:0 in a great advert for Youth Darts. I bumped into Colin who was persuaded to join the Sajwani Army by Peter!


Friday 1pm

Brian Dawson 2-5 Scott Mitchell

Stat News (the averages from the players’ Lakeside 15 matches):

Dawson 84.9, 85.35, 85.29 Mitchell 92.55, 93.93

This Dog eat Dog ¼ final should be a great way to start the day. Scotty ahead in the averages and big game experience but Brian has not been phased by the Lakeside stage yet. This is going to be closer than the bookies think.

Ross Montgomery 1-5 Martin Adams

Stat News: Montgomery 89.64, 97.29  Adams 94.11, 89.37

Ross was sensational last night in his destruction of Too Hotty! Wolfie has also been playing well. Can The Boss repeat the trick today, if he can the 13/8 about Montgomery to win looks great value.

TV Coverage

Live: 13:00-16:15 BBC Two

Highlights: 23:05-23:55 & 23:35-00:25 BBC Two Wales

Extra: 23:55-01:55 & 00:25-01:55 BBC Two Wales

90% Tungsten  100% Success

90% Tungsten 100% Success

Evening Session 5.30 pm

Lisa Ashton 2-0 Sharon Prins

BDO Practice room at Lakeside

BDO Practice room at Lakeside today

Stat News: Ashton 81.72, 90.18 Prins 72.66, 68.49

Chalk and cheese for these two last night. Lisa played brilliantly to thrash The Golden Girl and Sharon played in a match played at a snail’s pace v Rachel Brooks. Prins was not to blame for this and gave a masterclass in temperament and patience when you face a slow player. The match was not a good advert for Ladies darts mind but Lisa Ashton more than made up for it later in the night.

Only one winner here though, Lisa to go through.

Robbie Green 1-5 Jeff Smith

Stat News: Green 91.65 98.22 Smith 86.10, 89.91, 91.32

Another intriguing battle here. Robbie Green, the aggressive Kong against the mild mannered Canadian qualifier Jeff Smith. Robbie played brilliantly against Peter Sajwani but Smith has been consistently hitting a 90 average and won’t be phased by his latest Lakeside challenge! Smith in the handicap may be the call for this one!

Fallon Sherrock 2-1 Anastasia Dobromyslova

Stat News 75.60 75.84 Anastasia 72.42 75.87

Nothing separating these two in the averages but Anastasia to go through utilising her big match know how!


 Darryl Fitton 1-2  Glen Durrant

Glen Durrant

Fitton: 88.05, 94.32 Durrant 96.21, 98.04

Glen is top of the league on the averages and has been playing like a man with one target – to be Lakeside Champion. I think this could be the end of the road for The Dazzler.

TV Coverage

Live-BT Sport 5.30pm


Glen Durrant 4/6 Jeff Smith +2.5 8/15


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Jan 08 2015

Lakeside Day 6 – Preview

Thursday Afternoon Session 1pm


I met Harry yesterday. He came in for a practice and hit 6 180’s in his mini session on the Lakeside stage. I saw Colin play at the Winmau Masters mind, Harry will need plenty more 180’s if he is going to take home the magnificent World Youth trophy.Harry 1


Anastasia is firm favourite here but may not have it all her own way v the Lakeside débutante.


Look how far The Silencer has come! A 100/1 no hoper a few days ago and now he is odds on to beat BDO stalwart Robbo, amazing. Smith can win this, but we will go over 5.5 sets and sit back and watch what should be a great game.


Fallon came through a tricky first round game v Maria Mason and she played very well. Aileen is a lot of people’s outsider for the tournament so we are backing de Graaf to go through.

TV Coverage

Live- 13:00-16:15 BBC Two

Highlights- 23:20-00:10 BBC Two & 23:50-00:40 BBC Two Scotland, BBC Two NI

Extra- 00:10-02:10 BBC Two & 00:40-02:10 BBC Two Scotland, BBC Two NI

90% Tungsten  100% Success

90% Tungsten 100% Success

Thursday Evening Session 6pm


Will Sharon be wearing her darts shirt again tonight? Setting aside the gimmick of “that shirt” she played very well and knocked in the 5th best average of the Ladies comp to date. Rachel Brooks suffered double trouble in her opener but got away with it. She won’t against Prins.


What a cracker this should be. Too tight to call, other than Jamie Hughes was our outside tip for the tournament so if pushed we will stick with him for this game. Over 5.5 sets worked a treat yesterday so more of the same here.

DPC Shop Banner


Glen Durrant win

Pic courtesy of DG Media

The reigning World Champion, Lisa Ashton, looked as good as she did 12 months ago in her opener v Deta. We think she will have too much for the Golden Girl but no value at 3/10!


What a way to end the night. Scotty Too Hotty has been repeating his Lakeside plan and has not been seen around the complex until match time. Scotty seemed to be getting some pain from his shoulder injury and Ross’s best chance may lie in keeping the match going for as long as possible.

We think Scotty will have too much for The Boss and Waites will go through.

Tips: Over 5.5 sets Robson/Smith Hughes/Durrant

Ladies Double: de Graaf/Prins

TV Coverage

Live – BT Sport

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Jan 07 2015

Lakeside Day 5 Preview & Results

We had another thrilling day yesterday. Jeff Smith knocked out Wesley Harms and Alan “Chuck” Norris nearly went the same way too.

I have made a new friend as well! Peter Sajwani is the Swedish player who gained a whole army of fans after his two brilliant displays so far and managing to silence Colin Murray and Bobby George in his interview afterwards! I helped Peter open a Twitter account, or Twittarooney as Peter calls it and he has been gaining hundreds of followers every day.

Peter and his Gorilla TShirt (as seen on BBC1)

Peter and his Gorilla TShirt (as seen on BBC1)

Peter demonstrated to Colin and Bobby his Eric Cantonaesque philosophy with his summing up of how to win a darts match!

“A gorilla can hit a golf ball 600 yards but he can’t putt”. In other words you can power score as much as you like but unless you can hit the double then you will not win! I helped Peter sign up for Twitter and his Swedish friends have also had some of his yellow T Shirts made.

You may just get to see one on BBC later and if you fancy one you can buy one here!

On to the action today and we have reached 2nd round time for the men. Here is what is happening and the odds.

Wednesday Afternoon Session 1pm


A big match this to get us underway. Norris fumbled his way through his first round match yesterday against Daniel Larsson and on a different day could have gone out. He still hit an 87 average and this was matched by his opponent Darryl Fitton. Expect some 180’s, the line is a bit high for me but over 5.5 sets at 8/11 is interesting.



Aileen is a huge odds on favourite here and rightly so. But at 1/5 on just enjoy the game.


Kong v the man with the Gorilla shirt. Peter has been a sensation so far. His calm and efficient manner on the oche has won him many fans! Let’s not forget “Chatterbox” disposed of the number one seed with an 87 average. Kong played well in patches in his win over Darius Labanauskas but if he starts monkeying around on the doubles again then another shock could be on the cards.

TV coverage

Live – 13:00-16:15 BBC Two

Highlights – 23:20-00:10 BBC Two & 23:50-00:40 BBC Two Scotland & 23:20-00:10 BBC Two Wales & 23:20-00:10 BBC Two NI

Extra – 00:10-02:10 BBC Two & 23:50-00:40 BBC Two Scotland & 00:00-02:10 BBC Two Wales & 00:10-02:10 BBC Two NI

DPC Shop Banner

Wednesday Evening Session 6pm


This is another one too close to call. Doggie Dawson has come through both his games without breaking sweat, it will be a different matter today. Madars knocked out Martin Phillips way back on Saturday now. Another game where the over 5.5 sets looks a good option at 4/6.

Jim Widmayer 4


Wolfie currently sits on top of the averages table with his 94 v Jan Dekker. Jim Widi has been going along at a more sedate pace but 1/7 still looks very stingy.


A great way to finish off the night. Geert De Vos from Belgium takes on Scott from the Kingdom of Bransgore in the New Forest. Scotty Dog took his oche management skills to a new level v Tony O’Shea and we are backing him to go on to the quarters!



Over 5.5 sets in Fitton/Norris &Dawson/Razma
TV Coverage

Live – BT Sport 6.00pm

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Jan 07 2015

Lakeside Day 5 – Matches

Wednesday Afternoon Session 1pm


Alan 'Chuck' Norris

Alan ‘Chuck’ Norris



TV coverage

Live – 13:00-16:15 BBC Two

Highlights – 23:20-00:10 BBC Two & 23:50-00:40 BBC Two Scotland & 23:20-00:10 BBC Two Wales & 23:20-00:10 BBC Two NI

Extra – 00:10-02:10 BBC Two & 23:50-00:40 BBC Two Scotland & 00:00-02:10 BBC Two Wales & 00:10-02:10 BBC Two NI


Wednesday Evening Session 6pm






TV Coverage

Live – BT Sport 6.00pm

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Jan 06 2015

Lakeside Day 4 Results

Today features quite a few more of the fancied players for this year’s Lakeside, including my [Krispy] choice, Alan Norris, who has shown lots of great form this year.  Robbie Green kicks off the day, and he’s made no secret of the fact he plans to attend the PDC Q School later this month, so could this be the last chance Kong has to win Lakeside?

Preview of the day here.

Afternoon Session 1pm GMT

Robbie Green

Robbie Green on the stage for possibly the last time before his move to the PDC?

Robbie Green 3-1 Darius Labanauskas
Trina Gulliver 2-0 Anneke Kuijten
Alan Norris 3-2 Daniel Larsson
Gary Robson 3-0 Cedric Waegemans

TV coverage

Live – 13:00-16:15 BBC Two
Highlights – 23:20-00:10 BBC Two & 23:50-00:40 BBC Two Scotland & 00:15-01:05 BBC Two NI
Extra – 00:10-02:10 BBC Two & 00:40-02:10 BBC Two Scotland & 01:05-02:10 BBC Two NI

Evening Session 6:00pm GMT

Rick Hofstra 1-3 Jim Widmayer
Fallon Sherrock 2-1 Maria Mason
Glen Durrant 3-1 Karel Sedlacek
Wesley Harms 1-3 Jeff Smith

TV Coverage

Live 6.00pm BT Sporth

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Jan 06 2015

Lakeside Day 4 Preview

Robbie Green (2/7) V Darius Labanauskas (10/3)
Trina Gulliver (3/10) V Anneke Kuijten (100/30)
Alan Norris (1/5) V Daniel Larsson (4/1)
Gary Robson (2/9) V Cedric Waegemans (7/2)



Number 16 seed Robbie Green will make his 6th and maybe his last appearance on the Lakeside stage. Kong has made it clear he will be trying to get a PDC tour card at Q School. But, trying and winning one are two different things so let’s wait and see if we see the “big man” up on the stage again!

Robbie Green

Robbie Green on the stage for possibly the last time before his move to the PDC?

Green takes on Darius Labanauskas. Darius is from Latvia and the first Latvian ever to play at Lakeside.

The Golden Girl is up next and takes on Anneke Kuijten from The Netherlands. Anneke is a member of the Dutch National team and reached 3 tour semi-finals in 2014.

Tournament favourite Alan “Chuck” Norris makes his first appearance at Lakeside this year. He takes on Swedish prelim game winner Daniel Larsson. Larsson hit a solid 80 average in his match v Willem Mandigers but surely Chuck will have too much firepower for him today!


The last game of the afternoon session sees fans’ favourite Gary “Robbo” Robson play Cedric Waegemans. Robbo is making an amazing 14th appearance at Lakeside and has been a ¼ finalist 3 times. His opponent Cedric Waegemans came through a mind numbing game against Eddy Sims. Cedric will have to improve on his 75 average or he will be out in 3 sets!

TV coverage

Live – 13:00-16:15 BBC Two
Highlights – 23:20-00:10 BBC Two & 23:50-00:40 BBC Two Scotland & 00:15-01:05 BBC Two NI
Extra – 00:10-02:10 BBC Two & 00:40-02:10 BBC Two Scotland & 01:05-02:10 BBC Two NI

DPC Shop Banner

Evening Session 6:00pm GMT

Rick Hofstra(4/11) V Jim Widmayer (11/4)
Fallon Sherrock(1/5) V Maria Mason (5/1)
Glen Durrant (4/11) V Karel Sedlacek (5/2)
Wesley Harms (8/11) V Jeff Smith (13/10)

Rick is the number 14 seed this year and made the quarters last time! Jimi Wid came through his prelim game v Rhys Hayden 3:2, after being 2 sets down. He hit a 76 average in that match and will need to up that to contend with Hofstra.

The Ladies are back to resume their World Championships. Popular player Fallon Sherrock takes on the Canadian qualifier who arrives here via the tough Hull play offs.

Glen Durrant is next on. The number 7 seed who is at Lakeside for just the 2nd time. Duzza is the current Northern Ireland Champion.

Karel Sedlacek won his prelim game against Scotland’s Paul “Chocolate” Coughlin. Karel his an impressive 82 average and two 100+ outshots. This should be a good one!

Wesley Harms

Wesley Harms

Mind you the last game should be “Match Of The Day”. Sparky Harms has been patiently waiting since Sunday for his match. The Number 8 seed, who is never short of confidence will be praying he can go one better than his two semi final spots in 2013 and 2014.

His opponent is Jeff “The Silencer” Smith. The Canadian has attracted a lot of interest, first of all at the Hull qualifiers and more lately after his first round win v Mike Day. His post 86 average and a lovely 147 out made everyone sit up and take note!


Robson 3:0, Hofstra and The Silencer to win
TV Coverage

Live 6.00pm BT Sport


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Jan 05 2015

Lakeside Day 3

Afternoon Session 1pm GMT

“Jimmy Wid” from the USA is back at Lakeside for the second year on the bounce. His opponent Rhys Hayden is making his Lakeside debut. Rhys Lighting qualified via the qualifiers in Hull.

Peter Sajwani is back for his first round proper game. The Swede knocked out Hampshire County player Sam Head in the prelim match with a solid performance. He is going to have his work cut out today though against the Jammie Dodger. James Wilson is odds on favourite for this game.

Peter S Walk on 2

William Mandigers from The Netherlands also makes his debut today in a preliminary game and he qualified for this via the Western European Regional BDO rankings table. He is the current Turkish Open Champion and has also made two BDO Open semi-finals in 2014.

Mandigers takes on Swede Daniel Larsson who is back at Lakeside after a 6 year absence.

Jim Widmayer 3-2 Rhys Hayden
James Wilson 1-3 Peter Sajwani
Willem Mandigers 1-3 Daniel Larsson

Evening Session 6:00pm GMT

Jeffrey De Graaf 0-3 Brian Dawson
Rachel Brooks 2-0 Casey Gallagher
Remco Van Eijden 1-3 Geert De Vos
Jamie Hughes 3-1 Michael Van Der Horst

In the evening session Brian “Doggy” Dawson returns after his bizarre game With Seigo Asada yesterday. Asada seemed to have a touch of the “Tony Floods” about him as he dropped darts, backed into Dawson and walked off the oche the wrong way disrupting Brian’s pre throw routine. Dawson came through though and takes on Jeffrey De Graaf


Sharon Prins

Sharon Prins

De Graaf is back for a hat trick of Lakeside appearances but has lost in the first round of his first two attempts. No odds are available at the moment.

The Ladies comp continues with a match between Rachel Brooks and Casey Gallagher who is making her debut.

It’s Holland v Belgium in the penultimate game of the night Remco Van Eijden takes on Belgium’s Geert De Vos. De Vos is competing in his 4th Lakeside and has got through the first round hurdle in the past 3 years but hasn’t progressed any further than that.

In the final match the much talked about and number 10 seed Jamie “Yozza” Hughes takes on Michael Van Der Horst. Michael has already played a prelim game, defeating David Cameron to set up this clash!

Last but not least we had the best shirt ever seen on the Lakeside stage-Mum to be Sharon Prins sported this little number during her win over Lorraine Winstanley.



Robbo 3:0 6/4 and Willem Mandigers 4/5

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