Dec 26 2010

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Lakeside World Champs; Order of Play

Lakeside World Champs; Order of Play

The new year is coming, which can only mean one thing – the BDO Lakeside World Championships!  Coverage can be a little difficult to work out, as the BBC don’t blanket cover the event as Sky do with the PDC tournament, so keep an eye out (and check the red button!).

Match Schedule

Round 1 of the games is as follows. Round 2 and onward is determined by the outcome of the first round.

Lakeside Logo

Lakeside starts 1st Jan


13:00 start

  • Dave Prins (16) v John Walton
  • Willy Van de Wiel (9) v Alan Soutar
  • Mark Barilli (12) v Martin Phillips
  • Ross Montgomery (7) v Alan Norris

18:00 start

  • Martin Adams (1) v Tony West
  • Gary Robson (13) v Steve Douglas
  • Irina Armstrong (4) v Lorraine Farlam
  • Trina Gulliver (1) v Wendy Reinstadler


13:00 start

  • Steve West (4) v Dave Chisnall
  • Tony O’Shea (8) v Ross Smith
  • Joey Ten Berge (5) v Shaun Griffiths
  • Garry Thompson (10) v Arno Merk

17:30 start

  • Stuart Kellett (2) v Darryl Fitton
  • Scott Mitchell (15) v Jan Dekker
  • Julie Gore (3) v Rhian Edwards
  • Deta Hedman (2) v Patricia de Peuter


13:00 start

  • Dean Winstanley (3) v Martin Atkins
  • Brian Woods (11) v Stephen Bunting **
  • Scott Waites (6) v Ted Hankey **

** The BDO may switch these matches depending on our off-air time
18.00 start
Robbie Green (14) v Andy Boulton

19:00 start

Men’s Round 2 start and the schedule is determined by the outcome of the first round 2 matches played that evening

  • Tue 4th Men’s 2nd round. 3 matches x 7 sets
  • Wed 5th Men’s 2nd round. 3 matches x 7 sets
  • Thu 6th Men’s qtr final. 2 matches x 9 sets ~ Women’s semi-final. 2 match x 3 sets
  • Fri 7th Men’s qtr final. 2 matches x 9 sets ~ Women’s final. 1 match x 3 sets
  • Sat 8th Men’s semi-final. 2 matches x 11 sets
  • Sun 9th Men’s final. 1 match x 13 sets

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